File your 1099, W-2 and 1095 (ACA) forms online with our e-file solution

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E-File, Print & Mail Your 1099, W-2 & ACA forms

IRS-Authorized E-Filing Solution

When you e-file with Eagle View, we can print and mail them to your recipients and electronically file your forms with the IRS/SSA. With costs as low as $1.25/form you can save money and time!

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Not ready to e-file? That's okay! If you don’t have all of your recipient or payer info you can still use Eagle View and save your entries in your account.

NEW! E-File, Print & Mail Buy Downs

Save a little extra dough this season and purchase your e-filing up front. You can buy Eagle View E-File/Print/Mail buy downs from Tenenz ( ) and you will get a code emailed to you. Apply that code to your Eagle View account and it will credit you the amount of forms you pre-paid in the Buy Down. Sold in quantities of 50, 100 & 250.

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Need to e-file a 1099 MISC? No problem

We support many forms including: 1098, 1098-T, 1099 series (A, B, C, DIV, INT, MISC, R, S), W-2, W-2C, 1042-S, ACA forms 1095 (B, C), and 1094 (B, C).

See our full list of supported tax forms and pricing.

Quick and Easy

Import Data for Easy 1099 & W-2 E-Filing

Eagle View E-filing integrates with apps you already use to make e-filing easy and fast


Transfer 1099-MISC data from your Xero account!

Transfer contacts from your Xero Online Accounting software and automatically create a 1099-MISC for each.

Quick Books

Import your QuickBooks Online 1099 Vendors with just one click!

Eagle View is integrated with QuickBooks Online so you can seamlessly transfer your 1099 vendors and automatically create a 1099-MISC for each – right from your QBO account. This is the quickest and simplest way to get 1099-MISC filing done!

Excel template option: If you don't use QuickBooks or are filing forms other than 1099-MISC, download our Excel template instead. It provides predefined columns for all the required payer, recipient, form and amount fields. You can copy and paste data from other reports/systems or fill in the fields directly for uploading.

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Benefits of Eagle View E-filing


No software or paper forms needed- we can print, mail & e-file


Import data from Quickbooks®, Excel®, or Xero®


Data is encrypted and recipient copies are processed in our SOC certified facility


1096 and W-3 data automatically included with e-file

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