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How to E-File

Whether you're a small business owner, accountant, tax professional, or someone that files high-volumes of tax forms, you can benefit from e-filing with Eagle View. No need to register, just create your free account to get started.

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Steps for E-Filing Tax Forms:

Online filing of tax forms 1099, W-2, 1098 and many more has never been easier. Not only is it easy, it's fast and secure. Our print and data facilities are SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 certified and the data hosted online is encrypted to IRS-standards. In the steps below you will see that you won't need a 1096 or W-3 because the summary data is built into the electronic filing.

Step 1 Enter your Data

Step 1, Enter your Data

Start by entering your payers, recipients, and filing information into our easy-to-use data entry pages. You can also upload your information using an Excel file (we provide an Excel template on our Upload page) or import from QuickBooks using our import tool.

  • Manually enter your data if you have just a few filings to complete.
  • Use the Excel template if you have many filings to complete and you're not using QuickBooks (you can always complete filings manually if you don't want to use the Excel template).
  • Use the QuickBooks import tool if you use QuickBooks for vendor payments and payroll processing.

Step 2 Select Your Filing Option

Step 2, Select Your Filing Option

We offer both "E-File & Delivery" (most commonly used) and "E-File Only" filing options to meet your specific filing needs. Simply select the form(s) you are ready to add to cart then choose "E-File & Delivery" to have your forms e-filed to the IRS and/or SSA and delivered to your recipients. Select "E-File Only" if you're filing after January 31 and have already delivered your recipient copies.

Print, Mail & E-file: We will print and mail the forms to your recipients when you e-file.

E-File Only: Just e-file your forms if you already delivered your recipient copies

Step 3 Add to Cart and Pay

Step 3, Add to Cart and Pay

You control which forms you submit and when. Don't have complete filing information for some or all of your recipients? Not a problem. Just complete what you can and allow your forms to accumulate in the Unfiled Forms page until you're ready. The more forms you submit and check out at the same time, the closer you'll be to the next quantity price break. You also have the flexibility to check out forms by payer and form type which is convenient if you're filing for multiple payers.

Once you decide to check out, our process works just like any shopping website. You can add or remove forms from the cart as needed. Payments are made by credit card only.

Step 4 Electronic Filing

Step 4, Electronic Filing

During tax filing season, we electronically file to the IRS and SSA daily. You will receive an email notification once the agency has accepted your filings.

Step 5 Form Delivery

Step 5, Form Delivery

Next, we e-deliver or print and mail your recipient copies if you selected the E-File & Delivery filing option during the checkout process (E-File Only selections will move right to Step 5). Recipient copies are mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the recipient. PDF versions of the forms, other than "Copy A", are always available online for you to download.



End-of-year tax reporting is a time-sensitive process so we like to keep our customers updated every step of the way. We send email notifications for:

  • Confirmation of account set up
  • When payment is made
  • When the IRS and/or SSA accepts filings
  • When recipient copies have mailed
  • Recipients are notified when filing occurs and when the IRS and/or SSA accepts if an email address was provided


1099 and W-2 Forms

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only
1-10 $3.95 $3.25
11-25 $3.75 $3.10
26-50 $3.55 $2.95
51-100 $3.00 $2.45
101-250 $2.50 $2.05
251-500 $2.00 $1.65
501-1000 $1.50 $1.25
1001+ $1.25 $1.05

1042-S Options

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only
1-10 $17.95 $17.25
11-25 $16.95 $16.25
26-50 $15.95 $15.25
51-100 $13.95 $13.25
101-250 $11.95 $11.25
251-500 $8.95 $8.25
501-1000 $6.95 $6.25
1001+ $6.25 $5.55

1095 (ACA) Forms

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only
1-100 $4.55 $4.00
101-250 $3.75 $3.35
251-500 $3.00 $2.65
501-1000 $2.25 $2.00
1000+ $1.75 $1.65
Note: ACA Transmittal Forms 1094-B are automatically filed with 1095-B at no additional charge.

Other Services

Edit a form before we e-file with the IRS $1.95

Correct a form after we e-file with the IRS $7.95

With our service you can choose one of two options, "Print/Mail and eFile" or "eFile Only". "Forms per Order" represent the number of forms filed in a single order (form volume does not accumulate over multiple orders).

Prices shown are per form filed and apply to "Print/Mail and eFile" service. "eFile Only" pricing is as shown.

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