No More Paper Wait

Every year we strive to make the filing experience better than the year before. In preparation for this tax season, we've made some exciting changes.


We've increased site speed for faster data imports and faster checkout. We know you've got things to do and places to be.


We've improved the ease of use in a few areas of our filing platform. Importing Data: When importing data, the system now has a queueing mechanism that allows you to leave the import screen and perform other tasks while the import is taking place. You can even log out and come back later! Dashboard: When you log in or return to the dashboard after queueing an import, you will see on the dashboard the status of the import and can review any errors or go directly to Forms in Progress. Search: Search capabilities enable searching by recipient, invoice number, or payer name from the Filed Forms screen. This is especially helpful for accountants who are e-filing for multiple payers.


We've added additional validations on data entry to help ensure acceptance by the IRS. There's also an increased capacity and improved performance by upgrading servers & doubling computing power.