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Whether you're a small business owner, accountant, tax professional, or someone that files high-volumes of tax forms, you can benefit from e-filing with Eagle View. Get started today by creating your free account. Go on and test drive our simple filing solution for free!

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How to e-file

E-Filing Instructions

Step 1

Create Account -or- Log In

Step 2

Enter payer(s) & recipient(s) - easy import from QuickBooks, Xero or Excel template, manual input option available too.

Step 3

Start a form by selecting from a list, then select the payer & recipient for that form and fill in the amount(s) for that form.

Step 4

Choose Filing Option for the forms you're ready to file — your options are E-File Only, E-File Print & Mail, or Print & Mail.

Step 5

Proceed to Checkout - if you choose E-File & Delivery then you're all done! We've taken care of printing and mailing to recipients.

Paper Filing Instructions

Filing by paper requires more supplies:

STOP... are you filing 100 or more information returns?
You must file electronically. The 100-or-more requirement applies separately to each type of form. Learn More
  • Purchase these items well in advance so that you don't have to expedite ship them and pay more:

    • Filing software - depends on the sort of filing you'll be doing. There are options to just handle these information returns, there's some software that does everything, and then there's the online filing that you can use but then if you don't print and mail through the e-filer you'll still need a way to print it from your computer.

    • Tax forms - make sure you're getting the right forms for your software. There's many different versions to choose from and you also want to make sure you're purchasing the right amount. You'll want to double check that you've purchased If you order from you need to make sure that you're ordering per form and not per sheet.

    • Envelopes - you'll need envelopes for the forms that are sent to the IRS-or- SSA, state and recipients

  • Purchase software, tax forms, envelopes, postage, printer

  • If you're a small operation and need an all-in-one form pack then check out Tangible Values' Small Business Kits for 1099-MISC or W-2 forms

  • Learn the software

  • Add in payer(s) and recipient(s)

  • Build the form in the software

  • Align the forms with the printer - print all necessary copies and there may be some options to e-file through the software interface

  • Send the forms off to the IRS, SSA & recipients - you're going to need lots of envelopes and postage for this!

We know that not everyone is going to choose to e-file and that's okay. We partner with Tangible Values, a low-cost and high-quality tax and accounting product supplier, so that you can still purchase forms & software if you want to print & mail the forms yourself.

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1099 and W-2 Forms

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only Print & Mail
1-10 $4.75 $3.25 $1.75
11-25 $4.50 $3.10 $1.70
26-50 $4.30 $2.95 $1.65
51-100 $3.75 $2.45 $1.55
101-250 $3.25 $2.05 $1.50
251-500 $2.75 $1.65 $1.45
501-1000 $2.25 $1.25 $1.35
1001+ $1.50 $1.05 $1.25
Note: 1096 & W3 are automatically filed at no additional charge.

1042-S Options

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only Print & Mail
1-10 $17.95 $17.25 $2.50
11-25 $16.95 $16.25 $2.45
26-50 $15.95 $15.25 $2.40
51-100 $13.95 $13.25 $2.30
101-250 $11.95 $11.25 $2.25
251-500 $8.95 $8.25 $2.20
501-1000 $6.95 $6.25 $2.10
1001+ $6.25 $5.55 $2.00

1095 (ACA) Forms

  Priced Per Form
Forms Per Order Print, Mail & E-file E-file only Print & Mail
1-100 $5.00 $4.50 $2.80
101-250 $4.25 $3.85 $2.75
251-500 $3.50 $3.15 $2.70
501-1000 $2.75 $2.50 $2.60
1000+ $2.25 $2.15 $2.50
Note: ACA Transmittal Forms 1094-B are automatically filed with 1095-B at no additional charge.

Other Services

Edit a form before we e-file with the IRS $1.95

Correct a form after we e-file with the IRS $7.95

Bulk TIN Validation $149.95
(up to 100,000 records per file allowed)

With our service you can choose one of three options, E-File Only, E-File Print & Mail, or Print & Mail. "Forms per Order" represent the number of forms filed in a single order (form volume does not accumulate over multiple orders).

Prices shown are per form filed.

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